Home Birth

Welcome Home.

Normal care consists of scheduled prenatals where family and kids are welcome. During visits we gather your information and check baby’s growth. Also, we talk about nutrition, exercise, sleep, and take time to learn about your concerns and comforts. We believe in informed choice and, prior to any test, we will discuss options and possible outcomes.

Ultrasounds done right in the comfort of your home
Gathering information and learning about you
Caring for you in the comfort of your own home

Some visits take place in your home, including the 36-week visit. Here we discuss options for Group B strep testing and treatment, using a birth tub during labor and delivery, and possible medications and procedures. Also, we talk about possible jobs for family and friends who are attending the birth and make plans the for care of or involvement of siblings. We check that all supplies are gathered and ready for use. Lastly, we create an emergency plan outlining where we would go and how things would happen in the event of a transport.

Moms and I often talk a lot in the days leading up to labor. When labor begins, we monitor you and baby with as little interference to you as possible. We may encourage you to eat or offer you time alone with your partner. It’s a joy to help you or dad catch your baby. Postpartum, we watch for healthy transitions for you and baby. We do a complete newborn exam and address any needs you have for suturing or medication. We support breast feeding and make space for family bonding. The next postpartum visits are done in your home to encourage rest and family connection. We perform the tests that you have decided on for your baby and fill out an application for a birth certificate and social security card.

Attending to your newborn right at home
Caring for a home birth newborn
Attending to all your newborn needs
Providing support for the whole family