Hiring a Doula

Doulas provide non medical support

throughout the prenatal period, labor and delivery and early postpartum. My first child was born in the hospital with midwives and I recognize the desire or need some women have to birth there while still having the personal attention and advice of a skilled labor attendant.

My doula services include:

  • attendance at several of your prenatals
  • child birth ed classes if desired
  • and 24 hr phone accessibility for questions and concerns

We discuss your past births or experiences with other woman’s births and what your feelings are about birth today. What your ideal birth would look like and what are we likely to be able to do with this birth. During labor I support and encourage mom and other family members present. Doulas are not a substitute for dads involvement and I encourage and help fathers and other support people as well. After delivery I assist with breastfeeding and help with nutrition for mom and dad. Often we review the birth. Most hospital births that I have the privilege to attend, like home births are beautiful joyous events!