Client Experiences and Reviews

“They are diligent to cover all the medical questions and are knowledgeable and on the lookout for any potential complications during your pregnancy…”

Angie Neis, a midwife, doula, and teacher

I have been so pleased to have had three homebirths and the preceding prenatal care with Angie Neis and am currently in prenatal care for my fourth pregnancy and planned homebirth with Angie. I have had five pregnancies, but my first birth experience was much different and I would like to relate that to you initially so that you can better understand how much I appreciate Angie’s midwifery care.

The birth of my first child was a hospital birth in another state and I had an induction after being strongly encouraged to do so at 41 weeks following a systolic blood pressure reading that was just over 140. My husband and I decided to do the induction, but it did not go well. After spending a painful day in the hospital on Pitocin with contractions which I was informed were not labor, I was finally in labor on the second day in and delivered my first baby that evening. The baby was healthy and safe, but the experience in general had not been good. I ended up getting an epidural (which I had not wanted to do) on the second day and I attribute this decision to the length of time spent with contractions as well as increased pain due to the Pitocin. In addition to this, one day after going home, I had to return to the hospital for an overnight stay on antibiotics due to a fever from some sort of infection I had apparently picked up during the hospital stay.

A short time later, we relocated to east Tennessee and I was looking for a homebirth midwife even though I was not yet expecting. I wanted to be prepared for when we were expecting again and found Angie’s information online. After speaking with Angie, as well as a mom who had been through prenatal care and home birth with her before, I knew I would definitely choose her for care when the time came. I had an excellent experience with Angie for prenatal care and the homebirth during that second pregnancy. Our third and fourth pregnancies and births have also been very good.

Angie and her midwife apprentices who have also been involved in my care are very attentive and personal. They are diligent to cover all the medical questions and are knowledgeable and on the lookout for any potential complications during your pregnancy, but the prenatal visits are far from a cold, clinical experience. Angie is the first person I call outside of close family when we are expecting, because I want to make sure I am on her prenatal care list as soon as possible.

My homebirths with Angie have been good experiences in stark contrast to my first induced hospital birth. Granted, I have been blessed with a healthy baby in all of my births, which is most important, but my homebirths have been much better experiences for me as well as baby. I feel that I have recovered so much better from childbirth following my homebirths, as well as had less risk of infection to myself or baby in our own home versus the hospital. Angie’s calm demeanor during labor and delivery are also very reassuring to the laboring mother. For instance, my last baby was very large, almost 11 1/2 lbs., but I would have had no idea while I was pushing. Angie apparently said to her apprentice that they may have to help with the birth when they saw how chubby his cheeks were after his head was out, but I did not hear that comment and she just encouraged me to push. He ended up being born without assistance and no dystocia, but that is just one example of how Angie will professionally and quietly deal with situations that could potentially hinder the mother in labor. I am also confident that Angie will not hesitate to transfer me to the hospital during a birth if she sees any reason to do so for my health or baby’s. So, if you are looking for a caring and compassionate midwife who is experienced, then I highly recommend Angie Neis!

Chantel Vinson

“I HIGHLY recommend Angie and would be happy to share more details if you are considering a hospital Doula-assisted birth.”

Loving the midwife's assistance during childbirth

Ten years ago, I gave birth to my first son and my birth experience turned into a 16-hour, pitocin-induced labor that ended in a traumatic emergency C-section followed by a postpartum staph infection. I was hospitalized for 11 days for that birth. I was devastated and hoped to never repeat same experience! When I got pregnant with my second child two years later, I switched doctors three times during that pregnancy to find one who would allow me to consider a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I had never prayed for anything with such urgency… I was desperate to have a healthy delivery. We had met Angie through my sister-in-law and I consulted her about the possibility of being my Doula for a VBAC delivery in the hospital. She was very encouraging! She helped me prepare during the pregnancy both mentally and physically (I was terrified… there are so many VBAC horror stories floating around). She taught me what teas and herbs were safe and healthy. She led me to books and resources. She coached me through walking and preparing. She taught us acupressure points for strengthening contractions at the end of the pregnancy and as soon as I went into labor she was by my side the whole time. She continued to encourage me that things were going well…even as I was so nervous! In a gentle but firm way, she guided us through the pressure of the contractions. Enjoying the connection with her newbornMy husband was so grateful for her guidance. She helped him know how to support me… where to massage, what to say, etc. and my second child was born vaginally in a moment of healthy BLISS! I truly believe that without her advocacy and encouragement, I would have ended up with another C-section. My mother said she would never permit me to have another baby without Angie there! We were so grateful and blessed by her presence at that birth, that we hired her for the next three deliveries. I have now had four all-natural, non-medicated vaginal deliveries in the hospital with Angie’s assistance. She is a blessing to all around her. She has a way of working very well as a patient advocate without any offense to hospital staff. The nurses all seem pleased to see her and she doesn’t step on any toes. Even so, her primary focus is always her patient. She helped me speak up about things that were important to me (delayed cord-cutting, skin-to-skin, immediate nursing). My husband is so grateful to have had her there as well. He said it took a lot of the pressure off of him because she knew just what to do and he could just be there to support. She has become a wonderful friend over the course of the last 7 years and I will forever be grateful for her loving assistance through THE MOST wonderful memories of my life. With 30% or more of American births ending in cesareans nowadays, more people would be saved from the resultant complications if they knew to go with a homebirth midwife, or to hire a qualified advocate or Doula. I HIGHLY recommend Angie and would be happy to share more details if you are considering a hospital Doula-assisted birth.

Holly Melendez

“…it was such an incredible and magical, yes honestly magical, experience!”

A touching moment with Angie after a successful home birth

Angie Neis is one of the most incredible people I have ever known and I have been fortunate enough to have her deliver two of my five babies. I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Angie for some years now and have shared many life moments with her. She helped me through my miscarriage, was there for me when I felt disrespected and let down by an OB, and helped bring two of my little people earthside.

I have had three hospital births, and two magical home births with Angie and would never consider pregnancy, labor, delivery or postpartum care with anyone other than Angie ever again. My two home births were very different, but I have never felt more safe, better cared for or completely and genuinely supported than I did at home with Angie. I trust her implicitly with my safety and that of my unborn/newly born babies!

My first home birth with Angie was with my fourth child. It was an emotionally hard pregnancy and an excruciatingly long labor, followed by my most difficult delivery. Angie was there for me and my family every step of the way! I was in labor for a week, she spent the night at my house two separate nights, walked up and down my street countless times with me at all hours of the day and night, she rubbed my feet and my back, made my castor oil smoothie, made sure I was eating and drinking (even though I really didnt want to eat or drink), and was there EVERY long tiring step of the way! When it was finally time for me to get into the birth tub, and I was finally ready to push, things did not get any easier. My son was extremely posterior and very large. I pushed for over an hour and a half (the longest I pushed before him was 20 minutes), in every position Angie could think of. Angie was there, the entire time, trying to help turn him in between contractions and coaching me until he finally made his debut! Not only was he posterior, and crooked, he also had a slight shoulder dystocia, and came out weighing a whopping 9 pounds and 1 ounce. Angie never faltered or looked concerned, she watched me push, she felt I could do it, believed in me even when I wanted to check out, and helped me deliver my most difficult and painful baby to date. Even though he was my most difficult and painful delivery, it was such an incredible and magical, yes honestly magical, experience! I shudder to think of how differently things could have gone if I had been in a hospital. Angie worked with me and my body like no OB I’ve ever met to safely delivery my healthy baby boy.

With such an extraordinary experience when we found out we were pregnant with number five, there was no doubt that we would use Angie again. The care she offers throughout the pregnancy is second to none. I brought all four of my kids to every appointment and she happily welcomed all of us into her home. She listened to all my concerns and supported all my decisions. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has the most calming presence. She became a close friend, someone I could talk to about life, marriage and much more than just pregnancy.

A midwifes atttention to mom and baby and any possible medical needs

My fifth pregnancy was much better than my fourth and we had a beautiful home birth. It was my fastest and most efficient labor. Once contractions really kicked in, I had no stall outs or hang ups. My body knew what it was doing and Angie was there with me while I labored. I asked to get into the tub and at this point I was feeling the urge to push, so Angie checked me. I went from 7cm to baby born in five minutes. I had the most primal intense urge to push, and push I did! He came so fast he was not able to adequately expel the fluid from his lungs. Angie noticed his chest retracting as well as his rapid breathing instantly and she did not take her eyes or her stethoscope off of him. She watched him intently as we waited for his cord to stop pulsing and I said, “Angie, whatever you think we need to do, I trust you entirely!” She then said, what no new mom ever wants to hear, “I think we need to take him in.” She called the ambulance and we quickly transported our baby to the NICU. Angie stayed at the hospital with us until after 5 in the morning, she then came back to my house to finish checking on me and help clean up. Her level of care is remarkable and awe-inspiring!

My son had fluid in his lungs and needed to be in the NICU for six and a half long hard days. Angie was there, the entire time, she came to the hospital several times and checked in with us everyday! I have never felt so taken care of or supported by a medical practitioner ever in my life.

I positively adore Angie! There is no one else that I have ever met that quiet compares to her! Her level of care is insurmountable, incomparable, and nothing short of amazing!! She wholeheartedly loves what she does and is beyond talented at supporting pregnant mommas and delivering healthy babies! If you are looking for a highly experienced, warm, caring, kind, compassionate, awesome caregiver to support you throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum Angie Neis is the best of the very best!

Chelsey VonAchen