Meet Angie

Hello I am Angie Neis CPM-TN, LM. I’m a midwife in Johnson City and for the past 17 years I have lived and practiced here.

I have always loved babies. When I was young it was baby birds, kittens, even mice. As I grew it was puppies, raccoons, and other wildlife. Then I got pregnant and the world changed. My mother had taught me that pregnancy was a magical wonderful time in a woman’s life. It was absolutely that. But it was also trying, and outright miserable at times. Giving birth was bigger than I expected. It pushed me to move into places within myself that I had never known. My midwife created a safe space for me in the hospital where my son was born, shielding me from the standard procedures that women birthing there were normally subjected to. Through a mirror I watched my sons head be born. It was simultaneously the most painful, challenging and empowering thing I had ever done. It wasn’t having a baby. It was being catapulted years forward in my development as a woman and a mother. Looking into my sons eyes afterwards was the most powerful thing. I was hooked.

Angie Neis of Buffalo Mountain Midwifery
Angie Neis Midwife Buffalo Mountain Midwifery

My second son was born in the comfort of my home. After a short labor he emerged with a head of brown hair. His older brother announced his gender. Our family was complete. My home birth was as magical as my hospital birth teaching me that location is less important than love.

In time it became clear to me that not everyone had this experience. I could see there was a need to do for them what my midwives had done for me. To offer maternity care with respect, education and choice. To find each woman where they are and help them get where they want to go. To know that there is a beautiful baby developing and also there is a woman developing into the person she didn’t know that she could be.

Every time I have the privilege of seeing this unfold the world becomes a brighter place.